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Listen, friend,at the end of this page there is a Link to download Astrolog v5.41-G.

Please, see the images as a guide.

En el final de esta página hay un Link para descargar el programa.Observar la imágenes como guía.

This page is opened on February 14th 1997 (Valentin's day ) as addition to my astrology page. Last modified: Tuesday, 13-Nov-2001 16:38:15 EET.

My name is Valentin Abramov. I'm Gemini, born May 24.th, 1953 at 21:02 MSK (-3:00 GMT) in Pärnu (Estonia) 24:30E 58:23N, so I am a Snake in the Chinese Zodiac.

I am graduated in old high-school of Gustaf Adolf (established in Tallinn in 1631 by King Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden) and also old University of Tartu ( established 1632, look more info here ) as physicist-theorithican. After University I worked long time in Institute of Physics of Academy of Sciences of Estonia and graduated in 1983 as PhD in solid state physics. Now I am working with computers and networks, which probably better matches to my character ) In the same time it's my job and hobby - very good combination. So in past I opened also little Linux page, but now it's a bit out of date.

I have interests to lot of things, may be more to nature, secrets of beginnings of Universe, life and intellect. One of my interests in last years is connected with astrology (but here I am amateur). Since the time I was learned in University, I am constantly engaged with computers. So I have used my abilities to add something to excellent program Astrolog (great thanks to Walter D. Pullen for this program and sources). You can see original and changed versions and more about astrology on my Astrology page. Last time I am overloaded by work and unfortunately have not much time to astrology.

What's new in last changed version(s) ?

Astrolog sources are accessible to all users, and it allows me to add some features, which seems useful. Here is full list of changes, I have made, where you can also compare some outputs of original and changed Astrolog. Below changes in last versions.

Last version Astrolog 5.41G.

* Fixed original Astrolog bug, where Local Horizon data (and also Prime Vertical) were off by up to several arc-minutes.

* Fixed original Astrolog bug (Windows version), where "Time / Space Midpoint" chart is correct, but it was not possible to return back to "No relationship chart" - there was still previous "midpoint" chart.

* In "Rising and Setting" chart fixed bug, where "Print Nearest Second" worked unproperly - seconds weren't shown for risings and settings.

In this context more correct termin instead of "zenith" and "nadir" is astronomical termin "culmination" that means transit over meridian. There are two culminations: "upper culmination" when planet has highest position and "lower culmination" when planet has lowest position. So in the chart termins "zeniths" and "nadirs" are replaced by "culm.(up)" and "culm.(lo)" respectively.

* Incorrect object name "Nadir" has been replaced by corret "IC". Nadir has different meaning than IC, Nadir is the point on the sky opposite to Zenith.

* Slightly improved Astrolog's behaviour in case of progressed and relationship charts. Earlyer Windows versions allowed to do progression and then do some relationship chart like Natal-Progressed. Or vice versa, when looking say Natal-Progressed chart switch also Progression "on". That all confused Astrolog and results were often unpredictable.

Now any use of relationship charts (in menu "Info") switches off "Do Progression" (in "Chart" => "Progressions"). And vice versa, switching progression on (in "Chart" => "Progression") switches off any comparison. As result Astrolog is displaying just what it has to dasplay, no confusion.

* Fixed orignal astrolog bug (appeared only in Windows version). When natal chart was opened from file with saved planets positions (not birth data), there only first output was correct, all next charts (as aspect list, transit searches, all comparison charts etc) had wrong planets positions.

NB! Use such input files carefully! They are treated by astrolog as files "with no time and space", so a lot of chart types can't be used with them. An examples are all progression charts, because they needs birth-chart time to calculate progressions.

* Fixed bug of changed versions, where in case of use of data with saved planet positions (just as above), data-border of graphics charts dilsplayed info "no time or space" twice.

* Time and location have new format - with seconds, both for chart's data inputs and outputs. Only outputs with old data format are events searching outputs, because with reasonably low division value they anyway can be off by a few minutes, so seconds seems unnecessary there.

"Rising and setting" chart is only exception among searching charts that shows time with seconds. Even with default setting d: 48 times are off by only a few seconds, and it is quick enough to show precise (by seconds) times with d: 96 in reasonably short time. Note, that values of azimuth angles in rising/setting moment are extremely sensitive of time changes (very small change of time causes big change in azimuth) and can be off by a few seconds. To improve azimuth precision one has to increase division value up to hundreds.

All input files with old time/location format can be used, but all outputs are saved only in new time/location format.

* Calculations precision improved - time-dependent obliquity of ecliptic is used instead of fixed value.

* Added new switsh to change local horizon text output from default ENWS to NESW. One has just to add line =YZ to astrolog.dat file and it will be deafult setting.

* Slightly changed Prime Vertical text chart output: Altitude and Azimuth in header have been replaced by Amplitude and Prm-Vrt. One can see this chart by choosing "Local Horizon" and setting "Horizon Chart with Polar Center / Prime Vert. (text)" in "Chart settings". Note, that this switch has different meanings for text and graphics charts: in text mode it switches between Local Horizon <=> Prime Vertical outputs, in graphics it switches between "normal wiew" and "view vith Polar Center". However, one can switch also between Polar Center and Pime Vert. also in graphics by hitting 'i' on the keyboard (switch to bonus mode).

* Changed calculations of Solar Arc. Original Astrolog calculates there actually directions, where all planets and house cusps positions are moved forward to an amount equal in degrees to the number of years that have passed between the specified date and the chart in question. Because real (even mean or average) motion of Sun isn't 1 degree per day, resulting Solar Arc Sun position doesn't match with secondary progressed Sun position (but they must match).

To correct this situation, there has been added another calculation of Solar Arc - first secondary progressed Sun's position is determined and then all chart components are moved accordlingly.

To avoid misunderstanding, existing Solar Acr calculations remains, but have now corrected name "Degree Per Day/Month", as earlyer one can change amount of degrees per year (more strictly, amount of days for 1 degree direction. See description of -p0 and -pd switches in helpfile.540). Added calculation is named "Solar Arc Directions" and there Sun's position follows secondary progressed Sun positions, all other point in chart are moved accordlingly.

Existing switches -p0, -p0n remain as previously. For new correct "Solar Arc Directions" calculations new switches -p1 and -p1n are used. In Windows version all can be done through menus: "Chart" => "Progressions..."

* Slightly changed chraphics charts' infoborder and text charts' headers - secondary progressed charts are still named as "progressed", Solar Arc and "Degree per Year/Mont" are marked as "directed" with name of direction.

* Graphics chart's infoborder has additional information: Obliquity of ecliptic, Sidereal time, Delta T (in seconds) and in case of sidereal chart Ayanamsha (sidereal offest).

Note, that Ayanamsha has negative value and dafaults to Fagan Bradley. Ayanamsha control in "Calculation Settings" has a dropdown to allow quick selection of some common systems of sidereal astrology. The values are additions to default value and they are 0.0 for Fagan Bradley, 0.883333 (or 0 degrees 53') for N.C. Lahiri, 0.983333 (or 0 degrees 59') for Krishnamurti, and 2.333333 (or 2 degrees 20') for B.V. Raman. On the screen has shown resulting value.

* Date/time and Julian Day in the graphics charts' infoboredr has been colored:

1. First (or single) data/time is always bright white.

2. Second date/time is always yellow.

3. JD (which is actually also time/date) has color of corresponding date/time above (as yellow in case of transit comparison or direction charts). If JD doesn't correspond to neither date/time above (as in case of progressions where JD corresponds to date/time of planets' positions on the screen), color is green. Note, that in case of Synastry and Comparison charts JD will be yellow, becsuse it corresponds to second date/time above (data of second chart).

* Windows version controls of progressed charts have been polished. They looks more clear now. As default 365.2422 (tropical) year has used.

In "Degree per Days" dropdown are also available:

365.25636 (sidereal year) 27.321582 (tropical month) 27.321661 (sidereal month) 29.530588 (synodic month) Other more exotic (like Draconic) years/months aren't included.

* Astrolog computes position of Lilith (Dark Moon) using external ephemeris. When ephemeris are set off, Astrolog will display the position of the South Node instead (see helpfile.540, description of -HO switch). For users, who wants to use South Node always, there has been added new switch =YN which forces Astrolog to do it. This switch can be entered through "Edit" => "Enter Command Line" (Windows version) or simply added to astrolog.dat file to make this behaviour default.

* By default Astrolog calculates mean Lilith. For users who wants to use osculting position of Lilith, new switch -YL has been added. As above, this switch can be added to astrolog.dat file, which makes such behaviour default.

* Dispositors' glyphs on the graphics wheels can be switched off using switch -YD (default on). To choose appropriate default behaviour of the program, this switch can be added to astrolog.dat file.

Link to Ingress to get Astrolog v5.41-G.

Link para Ingresar en la zona de descarga de Astrolog v5.41-G.

Hugo Raúl Grecco.Capilla del Monte.Córdoba.República Argentina.

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